Do YOU condemn the taking of someone's life for supporting Trump? Not so far...
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Author Topic: Do YOU condemn the taking of someone's life for supporting Trump? Not so far...  (Read 50 times)
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« on: September 05, 2020, 06:14:30 am »

Your leaders sure as hell don't. That's because they are controlled by the MOB - they are an empty vessel. All you gotta do is feed the mob and they'll do what you want. They have no compass, no meaning, only a desire for power. The Democratic Party is the most lawless, corrupt, degenerate organization on the face of the planet. Just as an example. The taking of someone's life. Just for wearing a Trump hat. Now if you can imagine how the media would be asking Trump if it was someone wearing a Biden hat. (Instead he says he was defending himself from a guy in a hat who wasn't doing anything that he walked up to and killed in cold blood). The media says he was "linked" to the murder... like wow. Wasn't Booth "linked" to the murder of Abraham Lincoln? That. Is. The. End. There is no more possibility for debate or reason with liberals anymore. It's just war. Sad to say, but they're lying pieces of garbage and they can't be reasoned with. And I'd rather live in Nazi Germany than Communist Russia (If I was FORCED to choose between the lesser of two evils). So if you think Trump is Hitler, I literally don't give a shit. You're wrong. Your party is literally trying to bring STALINISM to the United States of America and we're not FUCKING HAVING IT.

We've SEEN the plan. We've seen the communist playbook and we know what's going on. That's why Biden is pals with communist China. A nation that enslaves it's people, he makes great back door deals with in the millions. Yea. You're so fucking WOKE. Aren't you??? While you're wearing your Nike shoes made by a sweatshop slave, you say "How dare that Nazi call me a man!?" It's just fucking bullshit. VOMIT. That's all you have to say.
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