It Aint Over. PA ordered to separate ballots that arrived after 8PM
Hello November 29, 2020, 11:59:52 am *
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Author Topic: It Aint Over. PA ordered to separate ballots that arrived after 8PM  (Read 24 times)
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« on: November 09, 2020, 06:22:50 am »

Justice Alito has ordered the Pennsylvania Elections Board to separate the ballots received after 8pm, meaning, the truckloads that showed up at 4AM, when it gets to the SCOTUS, will be invalidated. Why? Because the law is very clear, in fact it's so clear, that votes have to be in by 8pm or they don't count, that there is no room for interpretation. That's bad news for Biden. In Michigan, glitches in the thousands giving votes to Biden that were cast for Trump. Recounts in Georgia and Wisconsin. Lots of dead people, illegals, and underage voting in addition to the glitches and outright destroying of Trump ballots and wheel barrels on video, every witness in Philly saying they were forced to stand 100 feet away and couldn't observe, which the law requires. You'd think they'd not send a ballot to someone born after a certain year. Tens of thousands of people from California voted in Nevada, and those votes are being invalidated. All kinds of problems, and too many coincidences like Pelosi and Feinstein being large shareholders of the voting machine companies, and all the states Trump was about to win suddenly increased the number of ballots they had to count after 8. So go ahead and celebrate if you want. Hundreds of thousands of ballots have already been contested. This thing aint over, not even close.
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