Why I am anti-police and anti-BLM
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Author Topic: Why I am anti-police and anti-BLM  (Read 48 times)
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« on: November 10, 2020, 10:46:08 am »

Despite the lies of BLM, the police treat everyone like shit and usually get away with it due to Qualified Immunity. 

Western legal doctrine says that ignorance of the law is no excuse, except for police and government employees.   QI shields them from lawsuits and punishments for wrongdoing, except when it's "well-established law".    What "well-established law" means varies from case to case and court to court.

QI does not protect a wrongdoer from criminal actions, but shields them from lawsuits even based on their criminal action.   For instance, say a cop uses excessive force and is convicted in criminal court.  He can still be protected under QI in a civil trial for that very same action. 

We also have police departments that refuse to fire bad cops.  The West Midlands Police (UK) has refused to fire PC Paul Knowles despite having at least 25 upheld "excessive force" complaints, most of which were deemed "unprovoked" meaning the victim did nothing to deserve the violence from PC Knowles.   We have no idea how many more complaints PC Knowles has racked up in the 5 years since his 25th complaint was upheld.   Despite the narrative of BLM, none of PC Knowles' victims were black. 

2 months ago, a white Evans cop (outside of Buffalo NY) repeatedly used a stun gun on a teen in a park, despite the teen being face down on the ground and in cuffs.   He just kept going and going, despite the crowd telling him to stop stunning the kid.   The police chief is defending the actions.   Why isn't this global news?  Because it wasn't a black victim. 

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