Gavin Newsom Gov. CA (D). Lockdown for thee, not for me. YOU cancel Thanksgiving
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Author Topic: Gavin Newsom Gov. CA (D). Lockdown for thee, not for me. YOU cancel Thanksgiving  (Read 29 times)
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« on: November 19, 2020, 04:51:55 am »

That's right. YOU cancel Thanksgiving dinner, I'll decline. And also like Whitmer saying no one can go to their country estates... except for her husband. Noticing a theme here with Democrats who say everyone should lock down, but then ignore the rules themselves. Seems like it's just fascism. Cuz you can sit down at a restaurant and take off your mask. They know it's bullshit. This is a power grab for the wealthy elite and violates the people's rights. They're liars. Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California, Democrat, in typical fashion, held a birthday party with 12 people in a small room, breathing all over each other. Pictures came out what seems like a few days ago and it's now gone mainstream. Then he gets up and says sorry, I shouldn't have done that, after lying about it saying it was outside and they social distanced and it was intimate. Then the pictures came out. But some of the guests included medical experts who help him set the health policy! They clearly know that what they're telling everyone is bullshit because if they were really afraid of catching a virus, they wouldn't be doing that. The democrats are the party of liars and fakers and cheaters and hypocrites and much, much more. I know some Republican governors are being just as fascist and going along with this corporate fascism because they're profiting off of it. Like Pelosi with the haircut. Shut down hair salons! Except for me!!! I'm Nancy!!!
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