The Totalitarian Fascist Plan of Democrats Explained Simply
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Author Topic: The Totalitarian Fascist Plan of Democrats Explained Simply  (Read 84 times)
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« on: December 10, 2020, 04:56:32 am »

1: Executive: Destroy the Electoral College, effectively making all states subject to California and New York.

2: Legislative: Grant Statehood to Puerto Rico and DC, giving 4 Senate seats to Democrats.

3: Judicial: Pack the SCOTUS, rendering the court a political body.

4: Eliminate the Checks and Balances of the People: Ending Jury Nullification, and Trial by Jury, and an electronic voting system rendering their vote irrelevant because it's too easily hacked.

5: Force you into mandatory compliance with the UNTESTED vaccines, which are clearly a very PROFITABLE thing for the Big Pharma Companies who lobby the politicians that you want to grant full and complete control to.

6: End the 2nd Amendment, so you will be defenseless. The criminals will still have their guns.

7: End the 1st Amendment... that ones pretty obvious. We all know the big public venues censor ONLY one side, and they are clearly coordinated with the Democratic Party.

With all the corruption in DC, you'd think that maybe you'd not be so quick to grant full and complete power of the government to the Democratic Party... That sounds pretty insane to me, and guess what? Most of the country is going to revolt. What goes around comes around and all the pressure the government puts on the people to comply with their fascist garbage will come back to them. We will not tolerate this lawless behavior by the Democratic MACHINE. There, I didn't say any mean words. Just what appears to be the self-evident truth. If Biden gets in, it's the end of the Constitution and the United States as we know it.

What else do they want to do? End property rights. They don't want you to own anything. But rights come from property. Everything the Democratic Party stands for is the opposite of what's good. You won't have rights anymore, you barely do now.
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« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2020, 05:31:02 am »

Basically, they are intent to destroy the law to gain power, and it's so obvious that if you don't get it, I think the real problem in your psyche is that you're hurt by Christianity, and you associate that with fascism, which I do too to a degree, I'm not a fan of religion at all, but this is on another level. Just because a Christian has value in populism, nationalism, or the concept of a Republic, does not make those things bad or Christian. Actually Christianity has much in common with Communism. Nazism is bad, white nationalism is bad, but nationalism is just like what China has. China actually has slave labor and millions of Muslims that are force-fed pork in re-education camps, but you're not posting about that, I am. I've posted about it, and you haven't. Don't you care about the slaves? You think that I'm joking. I'm not. I'm not Christian or Muslim. But the fact that China is Nationalist doesn't mean that Nationalism itself is bad. This is a trojan horse and I think you're asking for something that you really don't want. I think most of you don't realize how many lobbyists descend on these politicians every year, and you want to give them absolute power... that's a very bad idea. I don't think you understand the severity of what's coming.
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