Democrat poll worker sentenced to 5 years for voter fraud
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Author Topic: Democrat poll worker sentenced to 5 years for voter fraud  (Read 156 times)
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« on: December 18, 2020, 05:45:07 am »

Melowese Richardson was convicted and sentenced to 5 years in prison for voting multiple times, over multiple elections.   

She was a certified poll worker for over 20 years.

She was only charged for voting 5 times in last election, for some odd reason. 

This happened 7 years ago, but it adds to the pattern of Democrats committing voter fraud. 

It also points to the fact that voter fraud doesn't always come to light right away or that every count of voter fraud is prosecuted.


« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2020, 07:47:39 am »

Did read up a little bit on this, she took at least one plea deal.

Fraud does happen with every party at every level, including Democrat - Liberal - Independent - Republican - Conservative, Other, etc.

Unsure if any fraud reached the level of a favorite tv show called Scandal, but hopefully the punishments and future technology will help reduce that over time.

Unfortunate that the only innocents can't even vote.


« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2020, 02:04:37 am »

They think Trump is Hitler, (which he might be), considering he's giving so much money to these vaccine giants and bastard pharma. He's doing the bidding of Bill Gates, who has a vaccine patent #060606 which features a digital "tattoo." But if you think the guy is Hitler, you'd probably be considering cheating as justifiable, and if you didn't (this is normally where I'd say -Shame on you!). If Hitler was in power and you didn't cheat, I'd be pretty upset with you. So there is a motive, and it's a strong one. Look at all the people who call him Hitler. And I said he might be, but I want our elections to be secure, otherwise we live under a dictatorship still. The only way to do that, is to go to paper ballots. In addition to the motive, I think there was a lot of people who have been getting away with it for years. It's like getting away with bank robbery. If you were ever a bank teller you know it happens every day. You say, that was easy, so you keep doing it again and again until you get caught. I am absolutely certain that there was fraud, however, I think that Biden and Trump (whether intentionally or not) are ultimately leading the people to a microchipping /slavery /global /unelected /dictatorship like /Stalin /times a thousand. That's exactly what it appears to be. Just my view of the situation, like it or not. And yes that's why I rant on here. And I think a lot of you don't respond because it's too much for you to handle. I'm not saying that's a fact, just saying that's what I think. I think we need to drop these political parties who both scare the hell out of their supporters about the other side. Liberals see Trump as Hitler, and Conservatives see Biden as Stalin. Both sides might be right! JMHO

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