Something just occurred to me about that 5 year old case I refer to...
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Author Topic: Something just occurred to me about that 5 year old case I refer to...  (Read 354 times)
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« on: August 24, 2017, 08:00:07 am »

The 5 year old case I refer to is directly linked to senior government officials of the country it took place in.  The accused man got convicted because the most senior government official filed one of the charges against the accused, and the government official just happens to be the best friend of the accused man's appointed defense attorney.  You should be thinking  "THAT is impossible!  That can't be true!"   but it IS!

But that is not what this message is about.  There was a publication ban applied to that trial.  The publication ban was ignored except when there was something that favored the defendant.  The evidence to prove the defendant to be not guilty is included within video covered by the publication ban.  The evidence is not visible, unless you play the video frame by frame.  At normal speed, the evidence is impossible to see.  Even when you do see it, it means nothing until it is explained what you are looking at.  I found it because I got the video hours after it was posted, and before it was removed from the internet the next day.  I played the video frame by frame looking for something else, and spotted something completely invisible when played at normal speed.  I made comments about this on Facebook after the accused man was in custody.  The actual killer responded to me in private messages.  The actual killer had begun messaging me BEFORE the accused man was in custody, and continued t message me AFTER the man was in custody.  At first, he thought I was the man he had framed.  When he found out that I wasn't, he taunted me and was always trying to prove that he knew more than I did about the murder.  He is the one that explained what it was in that video that I was looking at.. and also explained that the victim you see in the video is NOT the actual murder victim until halfway through the video!   The posted video was a compilation of 2 videos made several days apart!  When I posted that, everyone thought I was crazy.. until 2.5 years later.. in the trial, they ADMITTED that the "victim" in the first part of the video was STILL ALIVE!  I was right all along. 
BUT!   the jury were never told anything about the video.   

It has always puzzled me why there was a publication ban, and why that video was pulled from the internet.  It is not very gory.  In fact, you don't see any blood in the video!   The reason was, because the video - if analyzed - would have cleared the defendant!   And.. as I have said before.. the evidence was not even considered.. because after being doped up on enough psyche meds to kill a horse for 20 months, the defendant agreed to pursue an insanity plea - which requires one to not deny committing the crime.  You can't claim that you are not guilty by reason of insanity AND you didn't commit the crime.  He did plead not guilty, he never made a confession but he did not DENY committing the crime. 

By the way.. the moonbats will love this.. because this massive fraudulent injustice that occurred in a different country was the result of a corrupt CONSERVATIVE administration! 


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Flozen, you picked the WRONG MESSAGE to downvote.. 

I highly suggest you apologize for that. 

THAT message is not one that I will tolerate being attacked. 

I promise you that you will regret it if you don't apologize. 
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