What's old news is new news again. RIP Moonbats!
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Author Topic: What's old news is new news again. RIP Moonbats!  (Read 592 times)
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« on: September 01, 2017, 03:26:47 pm »

Hillary was "alleged" to be a lifetime crook and fraud, who abused her powers as senator and Secretary of State. 
Much of the evidence of this would be contained on her illegal server that she illegally kept in her own basement in the form of at least 33,000 emails.   (she was even using her Secretary of State email account years after she was no longer Secretary of State!)
Congress then ordered her to turn over those emails.  Instead, she blatanly defied Congress and not only deleted the emails, but did everything possible to prevent those emails from ever being retrieved with both software, and by physically destroying government property on which the information was contained.   None of this is an opinion, it's all factual and indisputable. 
The agency given the task of investigating domestic federal crimes is the FBI.  The FBI failed to do so, and was even being illegally instructed by Obama's crooked Attorney General Loretta "Should Be" Lynch to refer to Hillary's wrongoings as a "matter" rather than an "investigation". 
Comey reluctantly stuck his nose into Hillary's pile of shit - mainly because of the enormous pressure from other FBI agents.

Because of Comey's indecisiveness and ambiguity.. and lack of confidence by both the left and the right.. Trump FIRED Comey.
THAT resulted in a firestorm of complaints that Trump firing Comey was "obstruction of justice" so a special counsel was formed.. head by Comey's predecessor and bestest buddy Herr Mueller.   Again.. all of that is factual.. no opinions.

Then, for some reason.. Herr Mueller felt obliged to go beyond the scope of his investigation of "obstructing of justice" and stated with this "Russian Collusion" witch hunt.  Again.. no opinions.. just facts.

A couple of days ago, the "russian collusion" investigation got destroyed when it was revealed that Russia was not the source of the leaks.. so there was nothing to have collusion about!  Apparently, at least 7 different countries managed to gain access to those illegally deleted e-mails because the security was so poor.  I recall that the password for the account was set to PASSWORD which is ridiculous!   (it's actually not that surprising, because the master password for a dozen small police departments in central and south Florida that I worked on many years ago was "PASSWORD". 

Just yesterday, it was revealed that Comey had written up an exoneration of Hillary 3 months before even interviewing Hillary or any of the other significant witnesses.  Comey anticipated what was going to happen, and carefully orchestrated this fraud.   There is no question that Trump did the right thing by firing Comey.  Again.. facts not opinion. 

Therefore.. since Trump was justified and frankly had no choice other than to fire Comey.. there was no obstruction of justice, and there was no basis for enlisting a special prosecutor (Herr Mueller) to investigate Trump.  That also wipes out the russian collusion investigation initiated by Herr Mueller. 

So.. the anti Trump movement has collapsed before they even got anywhere with it.  Stick a fork in it.. it's DONE!   

The major moonbats such as Feinstein and Pelosi know that they can't pursue their attacks on Trump.. and have rapidly changed course into a "cover your ass" mode. 

Meanwhile.. Moonbats in Europe are laughing at the victims of Hurricane Harvey as being nazis who have incurred the wrath of god. 

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