Maybe THIS was Trump's "calm before the storm?"
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Author Topic: Maybe THIS was Trump's "calm before the storm?"  (Read 245 times)
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« on: October 20, 2017, 07:18:38 am »

The left's relentless attacks on Trump are now starting to crumble.. and backfire on the left. 

On Friday's 10/19/2017 episode of "Hannity", Sean Hannity laid out the situation with Russia, the 20% of Uranium sold to Russia, it's implications, and all the people involved in it.  He did a great job doing that, and the bottom line is that they can kiss that investigation being done by Herr Mueller goodbye.. and they can also forget about Comey, McCabe, and Rosensteinberg. 

Let me summarize:
Herr Mueller was the FBI director when "Uranium-Gate" began.. he was aware of it, and did nothing while Russia funneled hundreds of millions of $$$ into the Clinton campaign in exchange for turning a blind eye towards giving away 20% of the USA uranium reserves.. which wound up in Russia.. and then to who knows.. Iran?  North Korea?  China?  ISIS?   So.. ONE DOWN.. Herr Mueller!
James Comey succeeded Herr Mueller, and again continued this coverup of the "Uranium Gate" and then went on to protect Hillary in the "Email-Gate" saga.  TWO DOWN.. James Comey!
Then, the deputy director of the FBI under Comey - Andrew McCabe - became the interim FBI director.. again.. more carry over from Sheik Obama  and McCabe continued the coverup of Uranium Gate AND Email Gate.  THREE DOWN - Andrew McCabe!
While all this was going on.. Trump's appointee Jeff Sessions foolishly recused himself from anything to do with Russia just to appease Congress who would not have confirmed him otherwise.  This resulted in yet another carryover from Sheik Obama - Rod Rosenstein - appointing the ONE person who should have been excluded from being a special prosecutor - Herr Mueller!  Instead of COVERING his ass with Mueller, Rod Rosenstein has stepped into a proverbial "tar pit" from which there is no escape.  FOUR DOWN - Rod Rosenstein! 

The big turn in this situation happened on Aug 2, 2017 when the interim FBI director was replaced with Trump appointed FBI director Christopher Wray. 

So, basically , every attack made on Trump has fizzled and is now a problem for the democraps.   It didn't help the democrats any that Hillary has gone completely mad, and Harvey Weinstein's widespread abuses amongst the liberal crowd were exposed. 

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