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Author Topic: Tasty Lube?  (Read 1159 times)
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« on: October 22, 2017, 05:41:44 am »

Lots of videos of supposedly straight dudes getting off on camera with the aid of a hand and mouth belonging to a man. Many times, Bobby Garcia is an example, the cocksucker lubes up the cock for some slippery handling as part of the build up to ejaculation. One instance that seemed notable had Bobby pouring lube on the cockhead before plunging his mouth down over it.

People do not seem to have any issue with using plenty of lube for jacking as well as sucking, which does not seem to be slowed down any by having some kind of grease. New to me. I know there are some flavored body washes and such, maybe even strawberry flavored cock lube and such.

But would someone please tell me what this suckable cock lubricant is? Or what type of thing?


« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2017, 10:09:10 pm »

Oh, Bobby Garcia!  He must wait in the hedges, outside that Naval base in San Diego, lol.  Love his models, wish that he had better cameras and lighting for his earlier work.  And yes, he does seem to give the most skilled BJ's -- what technique!

Anyway, surely you have an adult products store within your city/county?  They will have enough flavors to make your head spin.  Some of the lubes are also "tingly," which may enhance the receiver's pleasure -- but may give you some unwanted numbness on your lips.

Personally, I don't like any lube, flavored or not, when I'm sword-swallowing.  My favorite flavor is skin, lol.  But through trial and error you'll find a lube that tastes good to you.


« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2017, 04:54:58 pm »

Taste, texture, smell, all are important and I, too, prefer them the way they are naturally. What I am trying to find out is not a tasty lube (precum can't be beat!) but one that works for stroking and is not disgusting to suck on. I don't think Bobby and the others are looking for strawberry or similar, just something that works to slick the hand operation and is tolerable in the mouth.

And yes, it is awful the way stunning models, generally clueless that they are in fact sex on a stick, manly to their cream-filled core, and yet they are recorded with bad lighting, terrible lighting in fact, and often lousy angles. But the sex is blazing, and seeing these macho Marine recruits, young and in peak sexual power, getting their brains sucked out their dicks is very exciting.

While some stoicly seem to believe they should not show their orgasm by any means except the ejaculation, keeping their faces frozen, others just surrender to the best oral orgasm they have ever had, shrieking and thrashing to a new level of ecstasy that is marvelous to behold. Talk about a vicarious experience! You can feel their body convulsions and orgasm as if you were one of the players in the scene.

If he had wanted to run a male house of pleasure or sign these studs up for escort services, they could all get rich because some of these dudes could certainly have had professional careers getting paid for the sex they crave and work so hard to obtain amid so much competition from other military horndogs on leave, with scant hours to find someone to fuck. As it is, he had enough trouble with the law just taking pictures and providing pleasure.

At least one filmer does seem to offer weed to his guests, but in general, Bobby gets recruits by word of mouth, at least in part, as people bring along their friends to get their ashes hauled and enough money for an evening at a pickup bar. Over time, he seems to have managed to create quite a party pad, with drinking and carousing in one room while the jackoff, fucking, or sucking happens on camera.

Reminds me of stories of old-time opium dens in terms of service. He provides toys, porn, beer, cigarettes, lube, and poppers, waiting on their every need until, pampered and flattered, relaxed and jollied along, they maximize their participation all the way to an exciting climax. Great stuff, all right, but often poorly recorded.

Nonetheless, he helps spread the meme that a hard prick has no conscience and if you can get paid to wank or receive even more personal stimulation from a funny little man with broken English, it's acceptable because Marines and other military get to feel secure enough that anything goes and they are still manly men taking care of their needs the way manly young men always do-- however they can. He sure makes it easy for them, and if they hang out with others waiting their turn, it's obviously not something that makes them all swishy with a penchant for rainbows.

In the case of Garcia, it's also worthwhile to study how he coaxes, flatters, and persuades them to do challenging things and still return for more, and still recruit their friends-- sometimes even to be in the same scene, because money can put inhibitions aside. These guys have had little time or circumstance to permit anything like the frequent jackoffs they knew before training began, so they often are already primed for action.

Notice the way he builds them up and then walks away. The camera. The phone. Someone in another room. Someone at the door. It amounts to edging until the stud has to be as wound up and as ready for release as the excited viewer is-- another interesting aspect of what looks like (and for all I know actually may be) routinely casual action.

A beer, a cigarette, comfortably naked watching porn, and Bobby turning them on to toys, plastic pussy, poppers, and other sexual arcana barely known to farmboys unaware of the erotic possibilities he provides, the opportunities he offers. Very exciting watching them discover the kind of bj the girls back home could not provide if they wanted to.

But I do wonder about that bj lube. Maybe it's flavored, but that seems doubtful to me. Maybe I do need to get to a relevant local outlet. Or even do more online browsing....

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« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2017, 08:07:52 am »

Flavoured lube, to me, tastes just as nasty as the original.

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