More "justice" insanity
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Author Topic: More "justice" insanity  (Read 419 times)
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« on: December 08, 2017, 12:14:21 pm »

A couple of months ago, a person was murdered at an apartment complex.  Then another.. then another..  a few weeks went by.. and a fourth murder at the same complex.  The media went into overdrive with this story.  While they wouldn't bother reporting about 4 individual murders (because that is boring), they were lapping their chops because they had themselves a SERIAL KILLER!  " Whoo hoo!  Wake the kids, phone the neighbors!   YAY! "

A couple of weeks go by and this guy who worked at McDonalds had to go cash his paycheck at place that does that for free.  For some reason, he handed a bag to another employee and told her not to look in the bag, and he would be right back.  She looked in the bag, and there was a GUN in it.  She then went to the manager.. and the manager went to a pig who happened to be stuffing his face with greasy goodies while on duty.  The pig got all excited, and they determined that the bullets in the gun were a match for the 4 murders.   They then called in a small army of cops and apprehended the guy.  

Now, before I go further.. I am quite sure this man IS the serial killer.  But that is not the point.  The only evidence they have is the gun, some blurry surveillance video from the crime scenes, and some other circumstantial evidence.  They have no absolute proof that the man committed the crime.  The man claims he didn't do it.  It is conceivable that he found that gun in a bag, or a friend or relative who is the killer gave him the bag with the gun in it, etc.   Again, I would say the odds are 95% that the man did it.  They have yet to come up with a motive, and if he really did do it, he was an idiot to put that gun in a bag and tell someone "Don't you be lookin' in dat bag momma!"  

Here is the problem.   The news media and the pigs are all over this story now, discussing whether he should get the death penalty (and their responses are a resounding YES with only one of the members of a victim's family saying "No".   Needless to say, the police all want the guy executed - although one official said "the death penalty is only used in the WORST cases".  They are also contemplating putting the man's parents in jail because they refused to testify against their son.  
BUT... this is all BEFORE the man has even been charged with the crime!   (he was just charged today however).  WTF are they doing talking about the death penalty before the man has not only not been convicted, not had a trial, but not even been charged?  
In fact, if the man's attorney has a brain in his head, he could argue successfully that this man's guilt and sentence of death were already assumed before the man was even charged with the crime.   Therefore, the trial will be extremely biased, his right to a fair trial will never happen, and at no time will he be presumed innocent until proven guilty.  That should be enough to get the death penalty off the table.  

The frightening thing is.. we are SUPPOSED to be a civilized society which has a justice system that is unbiased and fair.  That is a NOT the case at all.  This country is still in the stone age and has "mob rule".  
This is similar to the current "Witch Trials" of Herr Mueller and the avalanche of people being fired and publically lynched for alleged butt pinching and ass patting 40 years ago.
There is a reason for this mob rule though.. it is because the justice system is completely corrupt.   There are FAR too many guilty people getting let off the hook.. and there are also FAR too many not guilty people being convicted!  Society has decided that they can do a better job at meting out justice than the authorities.   That probably would be TRUE if the media were not a bunch of opportunistic, sensationalist, SJW moonbat vultures.  

Here's a few questions that NOBODY has ever mentioned about this crime:
Did the man commit other crimes / murders?  
WHY did he commit these murders?
Did he have an accomplice?  

I must refer to that murder case I often refer to.  There is 100% proof that the murderer had an accomplice.  There is video taken at the murder scene proving this, and also the victims head was not found until 40 days after the suspect left the country.. and that head was planted by a lake about 2 days before it was found.  The jury was never told of any of that.  I know who committed the murder, and he committed suicide a few months after the murder.  There is another suicide and at least one other attempted suicide of accomplices of that person.  The jury were never told about ANY of that!   The jury were led to ASSUME the man's guilt with no proof because the man was tricked into pursuing an insanity plea.  In other words, he could not deny committing the crime because he was claiming he was incapable of planning a murder because of his mental state.  

I have to add one more true story which involves an insanity defense.
This man brings a large butcher knife onto a bus in a paper bag.  He is sitting on the bus next to a young man who was asleep.  The psycho takes out his knife, cuts off the young man's head, threatens to kill the other passengers, waves the head around.. begins chewing on the severed head and eating it.. and ultimately is taken away.  So, of course there is 100% proof that this man is guilty of cold-blooded, premeditated, 1st degree murder of the most horrific kind.  What was this man's penalty?  Well, he went for an insanity plea.  The jury decided he was temporarily insane.. never went to prison.. spent a 2 or 3 years in a mental hospital, and then was RELEASED - free as a bird!   WTF?    I can tell you why.. the victim was a white male (so he was ASKING FOR IT!)  and the killer was this Chinese guy who apparently doesn't speak English (oh that poor disadvantaged and misunderstood man!   cry me a river!)    Conversely, in that other case I mentioned.. the victim was  a Chinese man, known to be a criminal, liar and a cheat - but was deified as being a sweet, angelic happy honest soul (even though his own University was punishing him for cheating - it takes a LOT of cheating before a University will actually penalize someone!).. while the alleged killer is a white guy.  

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