Personal diary of a bisexual guy
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Author Topic: Personal diary of a bisexual guy  (Read 299 times)
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14 July 2017

It is 5.20 in the morning; I am in my black boxer briefs and have earphones on. There is ‘‘tear you apart’’ playing on it. I should write about my personal journey. This idea struck my mind only a couple of months ago but I was not motivated enough to write it then. Constantly thinking about my past in this quiet atmosphere of my little room, I would like to present my story to the world before most of my memory fades away.

I like men. I know it is the truth but I like women too. Let me tell you a secret. I have not been with a girl yet. Oops! I trust you as my reader and expect that you would not tell this to anyone. I know that I have to marry a girl one day. Of course I want to have a family, raise children and settle down. I do not want to spend all my life being lonely. I cannot think of it. At the moment, I am not in a relationship. Well to be honest, I have never had a boy friend and or a girl friend in my life.

I am so much attracted towards men right now that I do not think of a girl friend or marriage. What I like about a guy is that white skin, smooth and furry. Oh yes that stubble, hairy chest, treasure trail, hairy arms and legs. Those things in men turn me on.

It was mid 2010 where I found out about ‘‘Planet Romeo’’. Thanks to it that I met a guy first time after using it for a while. The luck has not been on my side in meeting with guys. Well I am an average looking guy and I am shy. I have been using some gay dating apps these days. But I hardly get to meet a guy. I was 25 when I had my first kiss. Yes, it was with a guy. He was from Poland or could be a German.

It was August 2011, I had been chatting with this guy on the app. He was a tourist in my country at that time. I remember, he told me that he was horny and want to see porn. Well I had big collection of porn in my hard drive. So I offered to give him some. He agreed. I wrote, ‘’what will you give to me in return?” He replied back, “I will give you my big penis”. Ok maybe it was the time to meet my first guy. I was so curious about penis, had never seen or touched one in real life. Without keeping any expectations, I agreed to meet him in his guest house. He was in his late twenties and of jock type. He took me to his room where I handed him a memory stick in which I had transferred some porn videos for him. Transferring it to his laptop, he said, “You can lie down on my bed”. I was bit nervous. I only sat on his bed.

He came behind me and whispered, “It is your first time so we will go slowly.” He put his strong hands on my shoulders and began massaging. After that I could feel that he took off his t-shirt. Then he took his hands inside my blue t-shirt moving it all over my chest. I was blank and could not react about what was happening. He reached his hands to my jeans and unbuttoned it and then took my top off. He was pressing his boner on my back. Oh fuck! I can still remember how good his warm boner felt on my back. He took my left hand and put it over his boner. It was rock hard filled with warm blood. I was only sitting stiff on his bed feeling his boner while he kept pressing it on my back. He stood up and pulled his shorts down. After that lying down on his bed he started to rub his boner. I think that he was wearing a purple brief. It looked hot.

He was staring at me but it was my first time so could not think of what to do. I asked him, “Can we kiss?” He nodded yes. I moved towards him and we kissed. I could feel his moist lips and beard. He must have used a peppermint spray. The kissing did not give me much emotion. After kissing for a while, he pulled down my black boxer brief and kissed on my thigh. I could see that his friend was partially out of his brief. Well his penis head was out. He kept staring at me. I was staring at his hard boner that he was rubbing from outside his brief. “You can touch it”. He asked me. I moved in to touch his penis while he took off his brief. Now I had a full view of his big penis. Slowly stroking it, I was feeling a warm hard penis in my hand. Wow that was what I was dreaming of from many years.

There were thoughts going on in my mind. ‘’What should I do now?’’ He pulled my head near to his penis. Only thing I could do at that moment was to smell and taste the monster. My nose was near a man meat for the first time. “It smells”, I told him. He blushed and also getting a bit embarrassed, said “I took a shower”. I began sucking his hard penis slowly going down inch by inch. There were thoughts in my mind, “ok the penis does not have a taste actually and it is not easy to suck on a big one”. But I was feeling good to get the thing which I had been waiting for. In porn, I have seen guys sucking penis. I wanted to experience it in real so bad. Sometimes I used to suck on a banana and pretend that it was a penis. After sucking for just a few seconds, I felt an unpleasant taste in my mouth. “It is salty”, I looked at him and said. “It’s pre cum”, he replied. His pre cum tasted so salty.

In the meantime, he was stroking my penis and sucked it too. I only liked when he was stroking but did not enjoyed getting sucked. I do not know why. May be that my penis is not sensitive. Pinching my nipples and sucking on them, those were the other sexual activity he did with me. I kept on sucking his big friend and being with a white guy which was my fantasy, I wanted to kiss and feel his soft white furry skin. I was kissing his thighs and sucking on his big balls. I think that he wanted to finish that session so he would push his penis towards me hinting to suck it. Half an hour could be the total time that we spent together. It could be longer maybe. But he stayed hard all throughout the time. I was soft mostly. It made me think, I have it which I wanted from long time but I could not get hard easily.

“I am close”, he said. He started jerking his penis at the base while my mouth was on his tip. His moans were getting louder and louder. Soon a lot of salty cum was in my mouth. But I had to spit it as I could not hold that big load any more. After that he offered me a glass of pomegranate juice. I had to get rid of that nasty salty taste in my mouth. He wore his brief back. I kept staring at his bulge which looked so hot. “I want to cum”, I said. “Go on”, he replied. I kept jerking my penis while he sat next to me. I took my hand in his brief and pulled his uncut meat out. I sucked on it. Also I sucked on his nipple. May be I came. But I do not remember that well. He took me to the door and winked good bye. Through all the way home, thoughts were going on in my mind. “Why didn’t he try to fuck me when he knew that I was a virgin?” “May be he did not want any sound coming out from the room” or “May be that he is not a top”. I sent message to him on Planet Romeo after some days. I wanted to meet him again but maybe he was not interested or did not have time. He had already returned to his country but I kept looking back at his profile for the next couple of years.
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