Trans - the monster liberals created
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Author Topic: Trans - the monster liberals created  (Read 208 times)
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« on: March 01, 2020, 07:36:38 pm »

Let's start with Jonathan Yaniv who claims to be trans so he can go after young girls and use "trans" as a shield.   Naked pool parties for girls 12 and under, with him being the only adult, anyone?!   Then there's the fact that he does the "wax my lady balls" to ethnic minority women and sues then if they refuse.   His hatred of non-white people is extremely clear from his social media posts.  He's since added, "pap smear my penis" to his antics.  The fact that liberals went so overboard on their demands that everyone panders to anyone who calls themselves trans, protects him and allows him to keep doing this shit.

We had the guy with that tatty dumpster wig who claimed to be trans and molested that 10 or 11yo girl in the dressing room.   He clearly wasn't trans, but the store staff didn't want any bike locks of love and tolerance to be swung at their heads. 

The UK has had at least 2 cases of rapists claiming to be trans so they get sent to female prisons, only to commit more rapes.

UK police can't tackle violent crimes, because they claim they are understaffed and underfunded, but they sure as shit arrest more than 9 people a day, in 2016, for "mean" social media posts.   

Another shitty leftist policing thing is that you can have "crime/non-crime hate crime" on your criminal record.  Caroline Farrow was arrested and prosecuted for a Twitter post where she "misgendered" a woman's child.    She was acquitted in court when the judge threw out the case with prejudice.   Later she found out the police removed the "crime hate crime" bit but changed it to "crime/non-crime hate crime" so it will follow her forever.

We've even had real trans people fall victim to the nazi'ism of the left and be arrested for "hate crimes" for disagreeing with activists.   

I brought up, in a previous thread, how that limp wristed fag boi tried to get Piers Morgan fired, for disagreeing with some of the excesses of the trans community.  Fag boi said he was against cancel culture, despite this.   Anyway, in 2 segments about a month apart, he argued with trans women telling them how to think and tried to get them dog piled on Twitter.  Despite dog-piling being officially against the rules of Twitter (see @Jack on the Joe Rogan podcast with Tim Pool), fag boi wasn't punished, but the 2 trans women he demanded change their way of thinking were.  WAIT!!!!  Some little fag bitch boi gets to tell trans women how to think like trans women and if they disagree, they get punished by Twitter, but the little fag bitch boi broke a stated rule bu Jack and nothing happen to him. 

Canada has a trans activist (no, not Jonathan) who starts Twitter fights so she can use hate crime laws against her enemies. 


Even real trans people hate the way liberals have created this clown world of defending the freaks while screaming "transphobe" at anyone who complains about these cases.
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« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2020, 08:16:39 am »

Have you seen this?

I totally get it. I don't feel a connection to the LGBT community anymore.

All sorts of people were welcomed in the name of acceptance but few questioned whether they had genuine intentions or were even mentally stable. Now there's a large group of mentally unstable people who refuse to deal with their issues projecting onto society, and another large group of evil human beings running the show.
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« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2020, 09:53:54 am »

I saw her on Tim Pool's podcast, but that's the only time I've seen her.   UNTIL NOW.   I totally agree with her.   

It was only a couple of years ago that liberals were demanding that we love and accept MAPs, aka Minor Attracted People or pedos, as part of the LGBT community.   In the UK, the loony Labour party was trying to make child fuckers mainstream.  Harriet Harperson (nee Harman) was one of their biggest champions.   

Harriet Harperson, while Home Office Minister officially change the job titles that were male genders; ie fireman and policeman.   Not surprisingly, job titles that were gendered female didn't get changed, such as the levels of nurses. 

NOTE:  NO, Harriet Harman didn't change her last name.  Calling her Harriet Harperson became a joke due to her antics, I mentioned above, of changing official job titles to be gender-neutral, but only if they were male related. 

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