Democracy defined: 33 whites hanging 1 black. F the minorities.
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Author Topic: Democracy defined: 33 whites hanging 1 black. F the minorities.  (Read 80 times)
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« on: September 29, 2020, 06:48:44 am »

Democracy is 33 whites hanging one black.
Democracy is 2 wolves and 1 sheep deciding what's for dinner.

A Republic is 10 people living on a plot of land, and one owns water. The other 9 don't get to vote to take his property. The minority rights are protected in a Republic. Because rights come from property. Call it Timocracy.

I get that when people say "Democracy," they think they mean "everyone has a say." This is bullshit. It means the minority is overcome by the majority, mob rule. That's the nature of Democracy.

In a Democracy, all's the people gotta do is say, "we the majority, destroy minorities come hell or high water." "We can vote the largesse of the treasury into our own pockets."

The idea of a democracy - coming from Deimos which is also after Mars' moon for terror, has to do with mob rule. All these politicians talking about our democracy. We have a Republic. That doesn't mean the Republican party is great at representing the values of a Republic, this too has been co-opted. But the values of the Democratic Party are anti-thetical to the idea of minority rights, period. This is found right in the definition of the term. This also shows how dumbed down our country has become, promoting Communism, which is the opposite of a Republic, which protects the rights of the minority. Because all rights come from property. Your body for instance. You say you have the right to an abortion because it's your body.

The democrats in this nation are fucking idiots, and don't even understand a damn thing about what the words mean. It's totally pathetic.

Democracy SUCKS FUCKING ASS. Minorities are overcome by the Majority, Mob Rule. It's basic English, Law, and Common Sense and you morons don't have a fucking clue because you are literally fucking stupid as hell.
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