HOAX - Althea Bernstein attack by gang of white men and set on fire
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Author Topic: HOAX - Althea Bernstein attack by gang of white men and set on fire  (Read 54 times)
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« on: October 04, 2020, 10:20:28 am »

Althea Bernstein, a bi-racial 18yo, claimed that while stopped at an intersection in her car with her window down, when she was surrounded by a gang of white men shouting racial abuse at her.  She also claimed that they wore Trump shirts and hats. As well as racial abuse, they shouted pro-Trump stuff at her.   She claimed that one of the white men sprayed her with lighter fluid, setting her ablaze.  She posted 3 pictures on social media claiming the injuries to be from the attack.  She also claimed, despite the photos, that she suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her face, neck and head.   The photos show a couple of minor abrasions at best.

Madison WI police and the FBI investigated the claimed incident.  According to her cellphone GPS and video surveillance,  she was far from the place she claims the racist incident took place.  She told investigators that she had her phone with her the entire time.   Not only was there no incident of any type at or near the intersection she claimed, but her car was never there on the week surrounding when the supposed incident took place.   HOWEVER, investigators found that her phone GPS and surviellance video shows her in a completely different area.

People keep saying that hate crimes are on the rise since Trump, but what we see is that fake hate crime have skyrocketed since Obama.   

Only hate crimes that are absolutely proven false are recorded as such.   Hate crimes that have zero proof either way are still recorded as an actual hate crime.   How many fake as fuck hate crimes scraped by because they couldn't be proven to be fake?

I used to do posts for fake hate crimes but it got boring since there were so many and liberal would just do the usual "yeah, but!!!" to them.

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