ACB and the vilifying - of those who support babies.
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Author Topic: ACB and the vilifying - of those who support babies.  (Read 119 times)
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« on: October 29, 2020, 06:30:01 am »

I am ok with abortion up to a certain point, but think they're doing underground shit to make it post birth organ industry. That's on video. They're  going to get an abortion anyway, so it should be safe. But my tax dollars shouldn't go to an organization that illegally traffics body parts and donates to the DNC with my t ax dollars. I just think abortion is disgusting and become an industry and that people like ACB shouldn't be vilified for supporting life. That's dumb! And conservatives don't get as many abortions as liberals so I don't think conservatives should mind saving one child from a liberal upbringing. Also most Mexicans are Catholic and that's not so pro abortion. Just let them have an abortion. But don't make me pay for their failure to shut their legs. It's not a health issue. It's a whore issue. You got knocked up bitch, and that's your fault, unless you were raped. Or maybe you're trying to sell these baby parts.
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Let's not forget how the Virginia Governor described his plans to change the abortion laws. 

They will deliver the baby and put it on an ice-cold table, have a cup of tea, and chat with the mom to see if she wants to "abort" the already live birth delivered baby, laying naked and freezing on the metal table.

This is the loving, compassionate, and tolerant left. 


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